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Green is the New Black 💚

Sustainable fashion is the way forward and being conscious about how we buy and what we wear is the new style savvy. Recycling, upcycling, reusing, repairing, customising and even wearing biodegradable fabrics, organic fibres and clothing made from recycled plastic salvaged from the ocean is what it’s now all about. Carnaby is full of brands doing their best for the environment and now’s your chance to get involved.



Columbia Sportswear is Carnaby Street’s latest edition, with the 80-year-old US brand’s new European flagship shop housing its brilliant technical outdoor gear and casualwear including the OutDry Ex Eco Jacket. The jacket is made out of 100% recycled fabric including 21 plastic bottles and dye-free fabrics, saving over 51 litres of water in the dying process compared to a standard dyed jacket.

Just around the corner at men’s style connoisseurs Oi Polloi on Marshall Street, there’s a whole raft of brands that are feeling the love for the planet including the forward-thinking brand Satta, which means ‘existence' or 'being’. Focusing on small-scale production, it takes its cues from time-honoured workwear and military designs, utilising eco-friendly fabrics like hemp. Compared to cotton, hemp is stronger, uses less water and improves the soil it's grown in.  

Another sustainable label at Oi Polloi is Patagonia, named after the South American region home to the Andes Mountains. It’s another brand renowned for its dedication to the environment and its ‘P-6 Logo Responsibili-Tee’ is made from 100% recycled cotton and polyester.




Back on Carnaby Street, Pepe Jeans London is bringing the sustainable factor to its denim with its ‘Wiser Wash’ process, an eco-revolutionary washing technology that uses zero toxic chemicals, with no water waste. It’s part of the denim giant’s responsible innovation programme called TRU-BLU. What’s more, it’s now going one step further with the launch of a conscious collection that includes materials with recycled fibres. 


A few doors down at Replay, its Ice Blast eco- friendly wash jeans are made with a low environmental impact treatment with ice crystals, which preserve the brightness of the colours and save 80% of the water typically used in traditional treatments. The Italian denim brand has also introduced a new ‘Laserpaint’ artisan treatment for its women’s offer, which gives a handmade vibe.

Less waste leaves a better taste and on Berwick Street, Nudie Jeans popular Soho ‘Repair Shop’ aims to give new life to old denim – a fabric which by nature gets better with age. With its 100% organic denim collection, the Swedish brand is also setting the standard in socially responsible jeans. 




It’s not just clothes in Carnaby that are getting sustainability savvy, as Joy Everley Fine Jewellers has a collection of ecologically ‘Sustainable Engagement Rings’, made from 100% recycled materials. Each ring features a beautiful recycled diamond taken from a vintage treasure, reworked into its own unique design and set in recycled gold.
It’s time to respect Mother Nature and make a difference in restoring and protecting our world, and where better to start than in Carnaby?






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