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It's all in the Balance

Triyoga is Europe’s leading yoga and pilates centre, offering a wide range of styles and health treatments for true well-being. We asked the experts from the studio in Kingly Court to suggest some simple yoga poses to practise at home. Your morning routine can set the tone for your entire day, and what better way to get going than with a short yoga session?

Even getting onto the mat and having a few long, slow breaths can help to quieten the mind and wake up the body for the day ahead. A minute is still worthwhile. The best way to learn yoga is directly from a qualified teacher and over time you’ll be able to develop your own practice that you can do anywhere, anytime.


Reclining bound angle pose

Lie on your back and lengthen the back of your neck. If it’s more comfortable, place a towel under the head for extra support. Then bend the knees to approximately right angles and bring the soles of the feet together. Avoid the temptation to push the knees down and instead allow the hips to soften. If the posture is too intense, place some cushions beneath the outside of both knees to lessen the intensity of the stretch.

When you’re comfortable, bring the hands onto the lower rib cage and lengthen the inhale and exhale. Breathe into the hands as the rib cage expands – to the front, sides and back. 

Wind relieving pose

Bring the knees to your chest with the heels together and gently pull them towards you. If you have the flexibility, hug the arms around the knees and bring them in close to the chest, or place the hands beneath the thighs and draw them in. This is a great way to help stretch and release the lower back.

Half lord of the fishes pose

Sit up, rolling onto your side first if you find it easier. Bend your left leg and bring the heel in contact with your right hip and the knee on the floor. Then bend the right leg, placing the heel on the outside of the left knee and the right knee pointing to the ceiling. For this open twist variation, sit up straight and lengthen the spine, making yourself as tall as possible – but keep the shoulders relaxed. Place the left hand on the floor behind you, directly in line with the spine. Bend the right arm and press the elbow against the raised knee for a gentle twist. 

Cow face pose variation
Go straight into the next pose by keeping the legs in the same position and returning to face the front of your mat. Bend the left arm behind the back, with the back of the hand between the shoulder blades – or just as close as if comfortable. Don’t force it as this can be a little intense on the shoulders at first. Keep it soft. Raise the right arm above you and bend the elbow and try to bring the hands together. They might be far apart to begin with so just use a belt of towel to hold onto and feel a gentle stretch.
Swap the legs over and repeat both postures on the opposite side. 


Extend your left leg out in front of you but keep the knee bent to begin with, then bend the right leg out to the side at a right angle. The right knee might want to float off the floor, in which case you can pop a cushion underneath for support. Sit up nice and straight and walk your hands away from you along the floor, either side of the left leg. Keep the back long and the collarbones wide, avoiding the temptation to round the back. Just go as far as is comfortable. Your hands might stay on the floor or catch your shins. Eventually you might be able to work to straighten the leg and take the hands to the feet but there’s no rush. Breathe freely and enjoy the gentle stretch.

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