14 streets in the heart of London's West End with over 100 shops and 60 restaurants, bars and cafés.


Hi! My name’s Anthony, and I'm a London-based content creator and menswear enthusiast. I’m big into my clothing and brands, not so much what makes them ‘fashion’ but more so what makes them quality, functional and, most of all, comfortable. I’m here to talk you guys through  a couple of my favourite stops in the Newburgh Quarter, a small haven of high-quality, independent and heritage brands. 


29 Foubert's Place

Let’s start with a classic, a brand that boasts true British heritage. Barbour is one of those brands that deserve a slot in your wardrobe for life, with waxed cotton jackets that are smart, timeless and, most of all, super functional. Not to mention, they also do some amazing collaborations with brands such as Engineered Garments and END. – need I say more?  



3 Newburgh Street

One of the newest additions to the Newburgh Quarter, RÆBURN brings a breath of fresh air to the street. Its clean white shopfront and innovative designs will catch your eye from a mile off. Inside you’ll find garments and accessories made from recycled military equipment, such as parachutes, along with experimental dyeing techniques for some really interesting finishes. With recycling and sustainability at its heart, I cannot recommend this brand enough as one to visit. 


Levi's Vingtage Clothing 

5 Newburgh Street 

For denim-lovers, LVC is a must. A small off-branch from the mainline Levi’s brand, LVC is a premium investment. With styles dating back past the 1950s and some of the highest-quality denim on the high street, a pair of jeans from these guys will cover you for years to come. 



37 Marshall Street 

I’m unfortunately cursed with some seriously poor eyesight, and for those in a similar predicament, Cubitts is the answer. They’ve got everything right from the eye tests downstairs to their extensive collection of high-quality frames upstairs. These frames will define your face, a worthy investment if done right. A personal favourite of mine are the Keystone frames – definitely check them out. 

Red Wing Shoes 

8 & 17 Newburgh Street 

Probably one of the most all-American shopfronts you’ll find in London, Red Wing Shoes has two stores in the Newburgh Quarter, for men and for women. These guys know what they’re doing when it comes to boots, so if you’re after a pair that has the potential to outlive you, then you’re in the right spot. With deconstructed boots on almost every shelf, you can really appreciate the craftsmanship that Red Wing have honed over the years. 


These are my top five; however if you’re after more, be sure to check out The Great Frog for rock ’n’ roll rings and accessories, MÜHLE for a premium pamper or shave, Antidote for an extensive collection of natural wines and Ugly Dumpling for one of the best blends of Asian and European cuisine. Some seriously addictive stuff and, best of all, pretty much all dog-friendly! With all that in mind, hopefully you’ll discover something new (or old!) in the Newburgh Quarter.

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