14 streets in the heart of London's West End with over 100 shops and 60 restaurants, bars and cafés.

Vegan Eats 

Whether you’re a vegan, veggie or flexi, the area is brimming with delicious meat-free options, proving that vegan absolutely does NOT mean boring. Here are our top picks. 

FIVE Minutes with Club Mexicana 

From tacos and burritos to loaded nachos, the list of delicious Mexican food goes on and on. Now picture this: 100% vegan Mexican street food. A stroke of genius on the food scene, Club Mexicana has completely revolutionised the face of Mexican cuisine, offering favourites such as the Cheezeburger taco, ‘chorizo’ and sweet potato burrito and Mexican fried chick’n – all vegan, of course. 

We speak to Meriel Armitage, the founder (and genius) behind Club Mexicana, Kingly Court’s latest opening. 

What are the must-have dishes on the menu for Club Mexicana first-timers? 

The To’fish taco, the Cheezeburger taco or the Mexican fried chick’n (MFC). 

Where did you get the idea for vegan Mexican street food? 

I was inspired by my travels in Mexico and street food traders in California, who were doing amazing things with bold flavours, and I wanted to bring that vibe to London. I think that perceptions of veganism can be that it is quite bland, but Club Mexicana is about showing that vegan food can be punchy and delicious. 

Can you give us some insight into future vegan trends? 

I feel like the ‘trends’ have been and gone; we’re in phase two now! Veganism has gone mainstream. No more trends, just a huge variety of options at every level. 

What’s your desert island vegan dish? 

Club Mexicana To’fish tacos, washed down with an ice cold beer! 

Coming soon, Ground Floor, Kingly Court 

Rosa's Thai Cafe

23 Ganton Street 

Packed full of flavour, not to mention their generous portion sizes, the dedicated vegan menu is a firm favourite. We recommend the sweetcorn cakes, fresh summer rolls and their signature butternut red curry. 

Crumbs & Doilies 

Ground Floor, Kingly Court

The go-to place to satisfy your sweet tooth, Crumbs & Doilies has you covered with their heavenly vegan treats. Flavours include vanilla, chocolate and Velvet Volcano, freshly baked in Carnaby everyday. 

Dirty Vegan

14 Denman Street 

Popping up every Monday at Dirty Bones Soho, the NYC-inspired signature dishes have been given a plant-based twist, making meat-free Monday easy and delicious. The Go Dirty fries with shiitake mushrooms are not to be missed. 

Mother Mash 

26 Ganton Street

There’s no better comfort food than bangers and mash, and the vegan sausages and dairy-free mash here are some of the best in the business.


Farm Girl 

1 Carnaby Street 

Not only an Instagrammer’s dream, this health food hotspot has a vegan-friendly menu of smoothies, lunch bowls and the best coconut BLT sandwich going. 

Whyte & Brown 

Ground Floor, Kingly Court

Rejoice at Whyte & Brown’s new vegan menu, packed full of mouth-watering options. The sweet potato and chickpea croquette is our not-so-guilty pleasure. 

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