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C.P Company

C.P company began manufacturing Italian casual wear in 1975 with the idea of bringing traditional clothing elements back into a man’s wardrobe.

Design and creation of C.P Company’s clothing originates from their interest and research into military uniforms and more recently emphasis has fallen on the evolution of urban city wear. The main attraction of this type of clothing is the way in which function and wearability is combined with elegance and comfort.

C.P Company focuses on the use of technical properties, either added to the fabric or the finished garment. For example, the use of the large pockets, smog masks and heavy, durable materials, which are all created carefully to suit specific situations.

One of C.P. Company’s main aims is to produce garments, which are exclusively individual, using new fabrics, and finishes, achieved from continual experimentation with different weaves, fabrics and colours.

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34 Marshall Street
London, W1F 7EU

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020 7494 1983

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