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KALEIDO reinvents the most boring but the healthiest food of all: the salad.

KALEIDO wrap fresh and delicious ingredients into a thin and transparent rice paper that is only 30 calories and gluten free. Their colorful salad rolls are the perfect snack/meal on the go.

A bland salad is a bit boring. A sandwich is full of carbs and gluten. A sushi is quite high in calories. KALEIDO Salad Rolls is the perfect compromise: healthy like a salad, playful like a sushi, convenient like a sandwich™!

Packed with veggies, free from any nasties, gluten free* and low in calories (~100 Kcal per Kaleido), these colorful salad rolls will be your next craving.

All our food is cooked from scratch with only natural ingredients and our salad rolls are made fresh every morning by a passionate team of rainbow makers.

Laura, the founder, has always struggled to eat healthily and believes eating well is about being a bit clever: remove the unnecessary & add lots of good stuff! KALEIDO designs smart products that are surprisingly simple, tasty & good for you.

In 2018, KALEIDO won the Gold Medal for best innovation at LUNCH! Food to go trade show.

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1 Kingly Street, Soho,
London W1B 5PA

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11:30 - 15:00


11:30 - 15:00


11:30 - 15:00


11:30 - 15:00


11:30 - 15:00


Closed - Closed


Closed - Closed


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