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Kua ‘Aina

Aloha! Kua ‘Aina is based on the original restaurant on Hawaii’s North Shore, which has been serving its famous burgers and succulent chargrilled sandwiches to locals and tourists alike for over 40 years.  

Quality fresh produce, our own home-made marinades & seasonings and lava-rock chargrills are at the heart of the Kua ‘Aina taste.  Serving a varied menu of juicy burgers, marinated chicken, grilled fish and more, we look forward to you enjoying our unique hand-made fresh burgers; savouring a char-grilled sandwich; or devouring a hearty salad. Add a range of unique grilled cheeses and toppings. 

Start your day with our amazing brunch menu or treat yourself to one of our delicious American-style fluffy pancakes. The drinks menu includes milkshakes, smoothies, specialty cocktails and exclusive imported Hawaiian Kona Brewing Co. beers. Come step out of London and in to our rustic, relaxing atmosphere, listen to music live from Hawaii and admire the authentic Dick Brewer shaped and hand-glassed surfboards.

For those of you who were wondering, Kua ‘Aina is pronounced “Koo-a eye-na” and means literally "back country” but is more usually used to describe a country bumpkin or hick. For native Hawaiians it refers more to those who actively lived Hawaiian culture and kept the spirit of the land alive.

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26 Fouberts Place
London, W1F 7PP

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10:00 - 22:00


10:00 - 22:00


10:00 - 22:00


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020 7287 7474

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