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Shakespeare's Head

A traditional British London pub serving great, freshly cooked traditional pub food. They also serve a fantastic range of beers from around the world, warming red and crisp white wines and a fantastic selection of spirits.

The Shakespeare's Head which was built in 1735, was originally owned by Thomas & John Shakespeare, who were distant relatives of the poet, William Shakespeare.

In its early days, the tavern stood on the boundary line that divided the lands of the Mercers Company from those of Abingdon, and nearby was the small estate known as Six Acre Fields.

During the Victorian period, the field was the site of the riding school, belonging to Major Henry Foubert, whose name is commemorated by neighbouring Foubert's Place. 

Dominating its Northern end, is the pub's inn sign which is a reproduction of Martin Droeshouts' portrait of Shakespeare when the poet was at the pinnacle of his genius. On another part of the building is Shakespeare's life size bust which appears to be gazing down at the busy street below. A close examination of the bust will show one of the poet's hands is missing. This occurred during World War II when a bomb dropped nearby.

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29 Gt. Marlborough Street
London, W1F 7HZ

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